About Us


Learn to love your Roots at Emerald City

​Emerald City Plant Shop is a small Black womxn-Owned, plant shop based in Norwood. We believe your green thumb lies on the other side of learning how to care for your unique plants.  There are plants to fit every lifestyle and our goal is to help you find them.

While plant care is not linear, we help you find the right solutions to better care for your green babies, which in turn teaches us to better care for ourselves.


Our Backstory

In 2020 the world came to a screeching halt.  Sweatpants became the standard work attire and our living rooms, beds, kitchen tables, and quiet corners became our new offices.  With more time at home (and for many of us alone), the desire to find new hobbies and make our spaces more inviting amidst the chaos outside, grew exponentially.  The solution? House plants.

Whether you are new to the plant community, or like our founder took the Pandemic as a valid reason to transform your existing plant collection into a full on love letter to the Amazon Rain Forest; plants have always been a key factor in mental and physical health and more now than ever.


Our Services

Drainage Hole Drilling for Pots

In-Home Plant Design/Styling

​Plant Identification & Health Diagnosis

Repotting Services

Virtual Plant Consultations

*Ask about our Free Recycled Nursey Pots